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Photo of Helen

Meet Helen

Psychic Reading Style: Uplifting, Friendly, Empathetic & Straightforward

Reading Specialities: Work, Career & Business, Spiritual Path, Psychic Development, Soul Mate Relationships, Self Healing & Empowerment

Notable Skills:

- Tarot & Oracle Card Reader & Teacher

- Psychic Medium

- Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient

- Energy Healer

- Reiki Master Teacher

- Holistic Wellness Expert

- Spiritual Teacher

- Angelic Healer

- Esoteric Numerologer

- Psychic Development Teacher

- Law of Attraction Coach

- Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

How it all began...

Angel Wings Holistics was first imagined into being in 2006 by the founder & owner, Helen Crosbie (pictured above.)

She started out with a vision of a company that would bring real-life, useful, holistic & psychic solutions in a modern, easy to consume, and straightforward format. 

Helen realised very early on in her own life that it was difficult to find information about spirituality, much less in plain English! Spiritual subjects had been portrayed for years as secretive, elitist and only for those who had the "gifts" or the special knowledge passed down to them by family or secret societies.

Worse, many sources of information on the subjects were biased or unhelpful.

She set about creating a one-stop-shop that would cater for the modern man and woman, that would make the psychic arts and holistic therapies easy to understand by demystifying the subjects and helping people to finally understand that all of these things are normal and not supernatural.

Early Life & Training

Helen became aware of her psychic & healing abilities reasonably early, and started experiencing strange coincidences around age 11. She was fascinated by any occult subjects, astrology and divination and set about learning as much as she could about them. To her disappointment that information was quite hard to come by, and the books she was able to obtain only really glossed over the surface of the techniques she wanted to learn.

She started practising giving reading to school friends aged 14 and found that she was also clairvoyant and able to see images in her mind that helped her answer her friend's questions, and describe places she had never visited.

In her early 20s she discovered Reiki and after one session knew that she had to train as a reiki healer, reaching Reiki Masters in 2002, and subsequently training in a number of other holistic therapies over the years including Indian Head Massage, the Metamorphic Technique and Hopi Ear Candling. 

She is mostly self-taught (or perhaps it's more accurate to say spirit-taught!) when it comes to psychic readings & mediumship, and always found things came very naturally to her. She was also very fortunate enough to benefit from instruction from a number of wonderful mediums & psychics both within and outside various spiritualist churches. Her teachers over the years included names such as Mark Stone, Glynn Edwards, Val Cunningham and Craig Hamilton Parker.

Other spiritual subjects she has studied also include meditation, psychic development, psychometry, dream interpretation, astrology, spiritual healing, the human energy body, Law of Attraction, Self I-dentity Ho'opono pono and more recently Esoteric Numerology and Angelic Healing.

Over the years, she also worked in a number of technical, customer facing roles in the corporate world winning an impressive string of professional and customer service awards, including a national award from the UK's Institute of Customer Service. She was recognised for her friendly and approachable demeanour, problem solving expertise coupled with an ability to explain complex subjects in easy to understand language. 

Helen transferred her precision, clarity and warm approach to customers over to Angel Wings Holistics and has become well known as a kind, empathetic but no-nonsense psychic and spiritual teacher who has a knack for explaining almost any spiritual concept in terms a child could understand.

She runs Angel Wings Holistics from her home in the beautiful New Forest, providing psychic & mediumship readings, training courses, workshops, meditation groups, holistic therapies & holistic business services to help customers all over the world. 

Hele is also a member of the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH.) 

She published her first book Dream Bigger: How the Law of Attraction Really Works in 2020 (available in Paperback or on Kindle from Amazon or as a pdf ebook from our online shop) and produces a videos and podcasts on a number of platforms.



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