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Legal Disclaimer

All readings and holistic therapy sessions are intended for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to constitute or be taken as legal advice, medical advice, financial advice or any other sort of professional advice. If you need advice, you must consult a suitably qualified professional in your area. 

In line with English law, I am required to stated that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

All opinions expressed are my own, and I do not accept any liability for any actions that you choose to take or fail to take, for any losses you incur, financial or otherwise. 

Holistic therapies are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe you may be unwell, you must consult a suitably qualified medical professional. 

No cures are offered and no guarantees can be made. I cannot promise, nor do I claim to be able to achieve any specific outcomes. 

You must always do your own research, make your own decisions and take full responsibility for those actions.