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Here are some useful answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

Note: If you're looking for information on a specific topic that you can't find here, try typing the key word into the search bar in the website header as there may be an article that will help in our blog.

Who is Helen?

Helen is the founder & owner of Angel Wings Holistics. She carries out all readings, holistic therapies & training. If you have a question about anything psychic, holistic or spiritual, she's your gal! And yes, that's a picture of her on the thumbnail of this tab!

Please check out our About Page for more details about her qualifications, experience and mission in life. 

Do you have a blog?

Yes! You can find articles on all sorts of interesting spiritual & holistic topics in our blog.

Is there a podcast?

Yes. Helen created a podcast called the Spiritual Support Crew to help us sensitive, intuitive & psychic people through these challenging times. You can find the podcast on most major platforms or on our website

Has Helen written any books?

Yes she has! You can find her first book dream Bigger: How the Law of Attraction really Works on Amazon Kindle or available to download from our website in pdf format.

Can I get any freebies?

Yes you can! We believe in giving back and paying it forward, so you can find a list of our free resouces here.


Readings FAQ

Can I purchase a reading on the website?

Yes, simply choose the reading you want. You can choose from Live Readings which are done via Zoom or telephone and Email Readings which are sent by email in writing.

How do I book the time and day of my reading?

Helen will contact you once she receives your order to book in a suitable time and day for your reading.

What times & days can I book my reading?

Helen is flexible and can offers readings on most days, often including public holidays. Daytimes, evenings and weekend slots can be booked subject to availability, but please bear in mind that we are in the UK so we are in the GMT timezone (BST in the summer) and Helen can't work in the middle of the night!

What information do you need from me before doing a reading?

If it's an email reading, Helen will ask if you have a specific question or topic you would like covered. 

For Live Readings, we don't need anything in advance other than a way to contact you! 

I'm not in the UK, can I book a reading?

Yes, absolutely! All of our readings can be delivered over the internet so as long as you have an adequate internet connection, we can help.

Can you use Skype instead of Zoom?

Yes. We prefer Zoom, but Skype is definitely possible if you can't or don't wish to use Zoom.

Am I allowed to ask questions in a reading?

Yes you are. It's not compulsory to ask anything, but you are very welcome to ask anything you'd like. 

Can I speak to you before deciding if I want a reading?

Of course, please do get in touch using our contact form or via Telegram or WhattsApp.

Text messages are best because Helen can't often answer the phone. Please do remember that we may be in a different timezone to you or Helen may be with a client and unable to respond immediately!

You can find all our contact details on the Contact Us page. 

Can I get a free sample reading?

Yes - you can use the Angel Wings Oracle which is available to use online, to get a sample of Helen's work. This oracle deck was created by Helen and you can pick a free card any time you would like.

What sort of cards do you use?

Helen uses a number of different decks including the Angel Wings Oracle, and a variety of other decks including angel cards, oracle cards and tarot cards, both traditional and non traditional.

How long have you been giving readings?

Helen has been giving readings since she was 14 years old, and in a professional capacity since 2006.

How do I know if you're any good?

Many of the listings on the website have client reviews that you can look at - these are all genuine reviews from real customers. You can also look at our Trustpilot reviews.

Can you teach me how to read the cards?

Absolutely! Check out our very popular 'How to Read Oracle Cards' workshop. This is suitable for reading any type of oracle or tarot cards.

Can you communicate with the spirit world?

Yes - this is called mediumship. If you'd like a mediumship reading, you can find a special listing in the shop.

Can you cater for parties and events?

Yes. Please get in touch and let Helen know what your event is, where and what services you are looking for i.e. readings, Reiki, guided meditation etc. Zoom parties are also available!

These can be for any occasion - bridal showers, fairs, summer fetes, corporate events or just a group of friends getting together for an evening of entertainment.


Crypto Payment FAQ

Which cryptocurrency can I pay with?

All prices on the site are in Pounds Sterling (GBP), but you are welcome to pay using cryptocurrency.

We currently accept:

Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Monero (XMR), LiteCoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCN), Pirate Chain (ARRR) and LiteCash (CASH).

We may consider other coins, so please let us know if you would like us to add another one to the list!

How do I pay for something with Cryptocurrency?

Updated September 2021: We are now able to accept Bitcoin at checkout! You can check out in the usual way and pay using Bitcoin.

In addition, some individual listings have a button that will enable you to check out using CoinPayments so you can pay with ETH, BCN, LTC, DASH or XMR. 

The button will look like this:



If you want to pay with privacy coins ARRR or CASH, or if you'd prefer to send your coins directly to us without using the CoinPayments system, just check out in the usual way and select "Crypto Payment" as your payment method, and we will contact you with details of how to send your payment to us. 

I run a business and I'd like to accept Cryptocurrency too! Can you direct me to CoinPayments?

Yes, we certainly can!

Here is our referral link, or just click on the image below:




Shipping FAQ

Do you offer international shipping?

No, unfortunately physical products can only be delivered to addresses within England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

I'm outside of the UK, can I book a reading?

Yes! Any online services such as readings, distance healing, online courses etc are available worldwide!

I'm outside of the UK, can I buy a downloadable product?

Yes! All digital downloads are available internationally. 

Do you have a guide to what I can buy if I'm outside of the UK?

Yes we do! You can find our international shipping rules here.


Holistic Therapies FAQ

Can I have a Reiki session remotely?

Yes! Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world but you don't need to be on the phone or a Zoom call for this to work - it's normally carried out remotely at a pre-agreed time and Helen will email you afterwards with any insights.  

Where can I learn more about Reiki?

Check out our dedicated Reiki page for lots more information.

Do you teach Reiki?

Yes! All of our Reiki courses are now available online via Zoom. These are all taught in person.

Are your Reiki course certificated?

Yes with the exception of our Basic course. You will receive a certificate upon completion of each Reiki course. This should enable you to get insurance should you require it in order to practise as a Reiki practitioner.

Can I have an Angelic Healing session remotely?

Yes! All of our Angelic Healing is sent from a distance, so all you have to do it lie down and relax. We will contact you to book in a time for your session and Helen will contact you at the beginning and afterwards with more info, plus any angelic messages she has received for you.