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Weekly Forecast

Your Psychic Predictions for the week ahead

21st  - 27th June 2021

There is an energy of indecision this week, with old fears coming up to haunt us. Many of these are unfounded but they are being brought back up to the surface by a new optimism and desire for change and progress which is pushing some of our inner panic buttons. 

Healing and counselling need to be strong themes this week because although we feel like it's time to get going with new plans, we just need to do a mental, emotional and perhaps energetic spring clean to get rid of the vestiges of the old fears and limiting beliefs that held us back in the past. Revisiting some old painful memories of restriction or fear of hurt & abandonment may be necessary for some of us. 

You may find yourself swinging between extremes, one moment feeling excited and energised and the next down, depressed or wondering where your enthusiasm has gone to. Don't worry, it's just this week's energy which is helping us to find a new level of balance within ourselves and chase out some of the old energy and karmic energy from our past in both this lifetimes and our past lives too. I feel that this is a powerful week for burning through ancestral karma too, so don't be surprised if you find yourself reliving an event or finding yourself facing a decision that seems familiar to one that a family member such as father, mother, grandfather or grandmother had to deal with at one time in their lives. 

Know that you are here to clear the karma from your ancestral line and you will succeed even if they failed in their lifetime. 

The push-pull energy may be noticeable at work too as we find ourselves longing for playtime and perhaps even sneaking off from work to enjoy ourselves when we shouldn't or can't afford to.

You may even notice yourself acting somewhat out of character in work situations or when it comes to money & finances, as you integrate new blueprints and ways of doing things which are being passed down to us from higher realms this month. 

Don't be afraid of the changes, because all is well. Just remember that the unknown can feel frightening because it is unknown. Try to stay in a place of unwavering faith as much as possible when it comes to money, and watch your fortunes improve or turn around altogether!

Because the draw to playtime and fun will be strong, you may find yourself struggling to juggle different tasks so organisation will be key to get you through to next week and next month! 

Also remember to sleep, because the spiritual energies at night will be very tempting to immerse yourself in, and some may find themselves struggling to go to bed, wanting instead to party with the fairies at the bottom of the garden all night!

This week's angelic guidance comes from card number 3 of the Angel Wings Oracle deck.



The pull to go outdoors either just to your garden, some woods, green spaces or to the beach will be strong this week and with good reason. 

Many of us need to ground the powerful downloads coming through to us from higher realms, as our bodies integrate them and update their blueprints. The best way to do this is to literally get back to nature. Walk barefoot if you can, or physically touch the ground, stones, the plants, trees, the sand on the beach with your bare skin to facilitate this grounding process.

If you can't get out, I would encourage you to visit a special place in nature in meditation. If you feel spaced out at all, ground yourself by visualising roots growing from the bottoms of your feet, anchoring you on earth and connecting you to Gaia's grounding & protective energy. 

3 is also the number of the blueprint which is a very strong theme this week with all the spiritual upgrades we are receiving! Notice if you feel the need to change your routine to include more time spent outdoors or in nature, and remember that this is divinely guided wisdom to help you adjust to the current steps you are taking on your soul's unique path to enlightenment. 

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