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5th - 11th April 2021

As the excited and perhaps slightly unstable "Easter Bunny" energy is calming down this week, we will find it easier to apply ourselves to the tasks in front of us. Get ready for a productive week, although be aware that the desire to move quickly may still bring a sense of overwhelm or analysis paralysis for some. 

There is a desire to bring new projects to the world as quickly as possible, and whilst it may be tempting to tell all and sundry about your plans, it is not yet advisable as you may be putting the cart before the horse - particularly for those who work in the healing, teaching & spiritual professions. Keep your ideas safe like tiny, newly hatched chicks and resist the temptation to show them off until they are fully fledged and you are ready to deal with naysayers, as there will be plenty of people experiencing grumpy moods & bad attitudes this month as a whole! 

Some important galactic rays are reaching earth this week, so there is a nudge to go outside, especially at night time to gaze at the stars, constellations, planets & feel the calm energy they can bring us, along with the wisdom being gifted to us by our seemingly distant, but very loving neighbours from other planets.

The numerology of this week puts us in a number 5 energy which is intensified by the first day of the week also being the 5th day of the month. This will make our minds work extra fast and help us when applying ourselves at work or when solving problems, but we should be mindful not to stay too much up in our heads as it's easy to lose perspective in the mind-space. Remember to engage your emotions, intuition, body and spirit too in order to reach more complete answers and holistic solutions.

This week's angelic guidance comes from card number 19 of the Angel Wings Oracle deck.


Card 19 is titled "listen" and brings the energy of new beginnings & an opportunity to start again using the wisdom of the emotional body. It also reinforces that we should be mindful of messages coming to us from higher realms, such as the angelic or higher dimensional beings who wish to assist us at this time. 

It's actually not uncommon to be clairaudient, the issue is that most of us don't recognise it or are told it doesn't exist so we fail to realise how gifted we naturally are & how easy it is to receive wisdom from the angelic realms, our spirit guides and galactic neighbours.  


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