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9/9 Portal - 9th September 2022

9/9 Portal - 9th September 2022

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 9th Sep 2022

Today, 9th September 2022 has a very powerful and important energy that we can all capitalise on for the betterment of our own lives and for the future of humanity and the world.

It concerns me on such a potent day of manifesting potential, that the media is encouraging people to act as though they are sad and to use words to virtue signal like "deeply saddened" which is a very unnatural thing for most people to say, yet countless social media accounts are parroting these words as if the worst thing in the world has happened.

Yes, an old lady died. An old woman you didn't know, and probably never met or knew in any meaningful capacity. Somebody who lived in the lap of luxury and whose family was known to consort with human traffickers, pedophiles and let's not start on the allegations of missing indigenous children.

The majority of people didn't lose a relative or somebody genuinely important, they lost an image, a picture, an idea of somebody. A fantasy.

Worse, there are others who aren't really fussed either way, but social media and modern society has taught them to win social points by virtue signalling about whatever "current thing" is en vogue.

I could write about that at length, but that isn't the point of this article.

9/9/2022 is a VERY powerful day and it's very important that we do not allow ourselves to focus on the wrong thing because from a manifesting point of view, that could be harmful or even disastrous.

I made this video about the energy of 9/9 before I heard the announcements people are claiming to be "deeply saddened" about. I strongly recommend watching this if you want to fully understand the energetic ramifications and potential of this year's 9/9 portal.

Regardless of how you personally felt about the dead, old woman, I would caution you to be very mindful today, and in the future about who is telling you what to think, what to feel and even what words to use and repeat.

You may be being coerced into taking part in manifesting or spell-work that you are not aware of.

The dark powers who have been running this world behind the scenes are only too aware of how magic & manifesting works, and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that the rest of us remained ignorant of these spiritual truths and laws. 

Thankfully the energy shift caused by the Great Awakening & coming Age of Aquarius has shattered many of the screens they used to hide behind, and more truth is becoming clearer with every day that passes.

Many of us have been studying these laws, rules, magics and techniques, developing our innate abilities to help with the ascension of humanity and our freedom from the slavery we have languished in for millennia.

If you would like to learn more about manifestation and the Law of Attraction, I recommend obtaining a copy of my book which was written to explain this subject in easy to understand, plain English:

Freedom, spiritual enlightenment and the ascension of humanity is the mission I incarnated to help achieve. 

Let's work on this together and use today's sacred energy for positivity and growth, and not allow the dark powers to co-opt our manifesting abilities for their dark and unhelpful agendas.