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Summer Solstice Reading - 21st June 2023

Summer Solstice Reading - 21st June 2023

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 21st Jun 2023

I was asked by a good friend to have a look at the energy of this summer solstice, and I thought it would be nice to share it with everybody because this is a general read of the energy so relevant to us all.

I'm actually away in Wales as I write this and I wasn't planning to make any content while I was away hence I didn't bring my phone stand or anything so a video was kinda out of the question or it would have been rather shaky!

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling a little bit under the weather for the past few days on the run up to Litha with sinus pain that was causing me dental pain too (what fun!) I'm aware that many people suffering similar issues with hay fever, and allergies.

As I'm not a hay fever suffered myself, I found this curious and wondered if it was linked to the energy at the moment, especially given that the Schumann resonance has been doing some unprecedented things. 

Yesterday afternoon we had a big electrical storm here in mid Wales and that cleared the energy and thankfully I'm no longer suffering any physical symptoms! I did record a short Dragon Card reading during the storm which I've posted for you on my second YouTube channel, Cosmic Dragon Tarot. You can find it here:

Something has shifted in time for the solstice. Did you feel it?

But right now, lets take a look at the energy this Summer Solstice and what it means for us all!

Note, this is written from my perspective in the Northern Hemisphere where we are enjoying the longest day, summer solstice, but the messages are still relevant to readers in the Southern Hemisphere too.

The Theme for this Year's June Solstice: Uncovering that which keeps us afraid and disconnected 

There is a lot here! 

We are reaching new spiritual heights, having new experiences - everyone is doing it at their own level now. But it brings up so much fear of wrong doing or being "bad" or doing something "forbidden." 

Ancient karma is unfurling here and it brings up guilt and fears from past lives and also from this one. Fears from lifetimes where the church or whatever ruling spiritual powers told us that our natural senses and abilities, or awareness of the greater reality was "bad" or "evil." Some people still live in that paradigm today and it's terrifying for them to wake up. 

There's a lot going on in the mind this solstice - I want to call it a solstice of the mind. It's the mind and the higher mind working together, communing and allowing us to receive insight and knowledge from higher aspects of ourselves so I'd say inspired writing or art will be a strong theme for many. 

The fragmented energy card tells me that we are retrieving soul pieces at this time. Those of us who are more aware, or for want of a better word "advanced" are sensing that we are becoming more whole, and it feels weird. Yes there will be purging and physical side effects that may not be too pleasant, but we know it's happening for a purpose. We feel ourselves "coming together" in every sense of the word - both in the self, with the collective and with God/Goddess. 

We are also uncovering and seeing the hidden motivations of those who would wish to control us, more clearly. More truth is coming to light and becoming so obvious as to be embarrassing. Our intention on the next full moon will be revealed to us very fast, so be careful what you wish for at this time - things you ask for for the next 2 weeks may manifest faster than expected! It's a powerful time but be careful what you wish for! 

What Spiritual Lessons do we need to Learn this Solstice?

I was only intending to take 3 or 4 cards here so there's more than we might be expecting in this energy - the spiritual lessons are coming in thick and fast. 

This is a year of note - the milestone card tells me that there are important achievements happening this year in so far as our spiritual path goes. They may not seem like huge achievements (although they could be) but they are significant changes, shifts, shifts in perspective or upgrades of our reality. 

I feel we are finally discovering our true selves, or at least a new layer of who we truly are. Any parts of us that were repressed or that we had to hold back, hide or shun are able to come to the fore in these times, and we may already be aware of the changes happening on a deep level. This may be showing up as changes in career, place of work, new partners or love interests, or we may be feeling we want to move house, get a change of energy, a change of scenery, but perhaps not knowing exactly what that should look like or where we should go! 

I would normally say to allow your inspiration to lead you, but here I want to advise to allow your mind to be a part of the decisions as well because we are learning to work with the higher mind at this time and integrate higher wisdom into our conscious consciousness. 

The nudges from spirit may come through in code, symbolically or in pictoral form, so the message may take time to decode and fully understand. I feel the messages may not be literal but rather symbolic, so we should bear that in mind before taking a leap! 

Let's have a quick look at the numerology here of the date 21/6/2023: 

34/7 which for some reason I was drawn to call Building the Ashram although that's normally the meaning for 38. There is a correlation here with a desire to build our spiritual life and perhaps create a meeting place, retreat or just a spiritual space in our lives. 

16/7 is another numer today 16/7 which brings in 77 and 777 

There's a lot of apprehension here which is to be expected when we have all those 7s, but 7 is the number of the mystic so it brings  deepening spirituality and possibly a lean into the occult or toward our innate energetic truth. 

The total of the numbers on the cards in this spread is 26/8, so it brings more of a practical edge and reassures us the next steps will be longer lasting not fleeting. 

We may be struggling with the dichotomy of feeling enthusiastic for the future but also worrying when the other shoe will drop, when we will be let down, when it will all come crashing down, when we will fail or not make it despite our brave and heart-heroic beginnings. 

The message is that we will not fail. Not this time. 

I'm shown a return to the garden of Eden of sorts, almost a renewed innocence, beginners mind, and the relief which comes from knowing we are truly safe, loved and that connection to the divine can never be taken from us.

There is a renewal of faith for many, whether this is part of a religion or just our individual beliefs and spirituality and it feels like a huge sigh of relief! Many will feel the pull to take a new spiritual path or to deepen their connection (I'm certainly feeling it myself! The urge to buy a cottage in the middle of nowhere and spend my days communing with the energies and being the village witch is super strong right now! That may be something to come for me - watch this space!) 

The teacher card speaks of wisdom and learning, and the availability of knowledge - things that we may have been unaware of, ignorant of or that were hidden from us now coming to light. It brings the possibility of spiritual growth, and it feels like a joyful path that leads to greater levels of contentment and wholeness. This is available to everyone whether they choose to take the path or not. 

Advice for this Summer Solstice 

There is a message here about making sure you are surrounded by the right people. 

This is a time where your energy matters and being in the presence of people who are not your vibe, not your tribe will not be resonating. There is also a nudge to get advice about any major life changes you want to make, to ensure you have the support network and the team around you so that you can make things happen in the way you want.

What we ask for this solstice will happen in a happy way, but we must be sensible and prepared for it! The guidance from our spirit team, angels and higher wisdom will be nudging us in the right direction, but we are reminded that we are responsible for our actions and choices! We must not be reckless because we are learning to wield our spiritual power and with more power comes more responsibility. If we prove unable to use our new abilities, intuitions or for want of a better word "powers" correctly, they may be taken from us until another lifetime. For some this is a one-shot deal but only when it comes to spiritual abilities and higher powers. 

I once knew somebody who had telekinetic abilities, and one day just for laughs they caused a car crash. The abilities were taken away from them immediately. 

There is also advice about romantic partnerships here - that theme is highlighted for all of us too. It is better to be alone than with a person whose energy drags you down. 

The cards in this spread add up to 10/1 so I want to say the short version of this message is "be ready for change!" 

What to Expect over the The Next 6 Months

Family & community is highlighted, we will be looking less at selfish advancement, money and career progress for the sake of it, and more at spending time with loved ones, building community and support networks outside of the systems of governance and control. 

This is a time of strength, unity and growth and we have the opportunity to grow and strengthen our communities. Artistic expression is highlighted too, but I really want to bring in spirituality to the mix here. Whether it's prayer, mantra, religion, a deepening connection to the divine on a person level, learning about herbs and holistic wellness, there's a lot to unpack with the 'Family' card today! 

To me, this represents the intuition and higher mind leading us to a greater understanding of the world, how things work, how our bodies work and that they are not disconnected from the divine. There is a remembrance of all the aspects and layers of the self here. The aura, chakras and other elements of the subtle body. I feel there will be a push or maybe even a rush toward holistic and natural health and wellbeing, often from the people you would not expect! The inspiration to follow this path will hit many. 

Sadly it is also coupled with the poverty consciousness of feeling unable to change things, unable to heal the self, so the other part of humanity may fall further into pain, victimhood and suffering. This is not entirely surprising given that we are in a decade of some heavy duty 2 energy which is about extremes, polarity and opposition. The good news is that this number also brings the opportunity to find middle ground if we choose it, but it can be a rocky ride until we find the calm centre.

I see much suffering, both financial and mental, but also sickness and pain. These things are avoidable, but there will be those who choose to play victim and take the path of suffering nonetheless. Even if you are ill or struggling you can still choose to have a positive outlook and take steps to help yourself. Those who do not and prefer to wallow in self pity will not be helped. It may be rather brutal for some as I see governments turning their backs on these people too. 

The advice here is to take full responsibility for your life, even the bad stuff. When you do that, you become empowered to change it! We may not be able to miraculously heal ourselves in an instant at this stage in our incarnation, but there are steps we can take, must take to help ourselves get out of these lower energies so that we can thrive and grow. 

There is a giant change in energy the second half of this year, and although many will sense it, some may not take action. It's a giant shift and "giant" is a key word here for some reason.

We are asked to have courage, to trust ourselves and our spirit guides but also to be open to the changes that are coming. We must use discernment, but the easiest way to do it will be to stay in a place of gratitude and joyfulness - as long as we maintain that energy we will be on the right path. And I mean genuine joy and gratitude not the fake kind that abounds rather too much at the moment. 

Those who are focussing on blaming others, on hating others or misunderstanding other people on purpose will find this 6 month period and beyond increasingly difficult. We cannot afford to be divided at this time. You are not "better" than the next person because of your views, your political alliances, or any other characteristic you may or may not have. Those who are false prophets of love, tolerance and acceptance will find the walls come tumbling down at dawn.

Transformation is inevitable, but we can choose to bind ourselves to smaller energies, or to lock ourselves in boxes, which would be a tragic mistake.