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What will happen on 24th September 2022?

What will happen on 24th September 2022?

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 17th Sep 2022

After a German legislator proclaimed that September 24th 2022 would be a day to remember many people have been wondering what this means for us. Using numerology we will look at the energetic potential of this day and how we can use this energy for the good of mankind to combat the New World Order and help facilitate the Great Awakening and Ascension of mankind instead.

This is also very close to the end of the Shmita year and we can observe that very often big events such as economic collapses often coincide with these dates. What do the dark forces have planned?

The day in question is also flanked by the Autumn Equinox on 23rd and the New Moon on 25th so there is some big energy around!

"Everyone will not forget September 24, 2022 and everyone will know exactly where he or she was"

You can watch the original clip here:

I decided to have a deep dive into the energetic potential surrounding the date 24th September and you can watch the video here. 

There is also a very interesting connection to the Lion's Gate portal which I didn't fully realise until after making this video. If you watch to the end, you'll see the card numbered 22 from the Secret Language of Light deck and notice that I recommend watching the Lion's Gate video again to give a fuller picture of the energy.

Upon rewatching my Lion's Gate video I realised that we have the same numerology from the words "Lion's Gate" as the 24th September 2022 which is 39/12/3!

This is huge! I feel very much that this day will bring the opportunity for us to really put into practise or to embody our goals, aims and targets set by this year's Lion's Gate.

If you're not sure what this Lion's Gate meant for you, have a watch of my readings by sign to get some additional insight. I recommend that you watch your 'big three' so your Sun Sign, Moon Sign & Rising Sign or Ascendant if you know them all. 

Whatever happens on 24th, whether the sky falls in or nothing in particular seems to occur, know that there is some important energy at play and we must be vigilant not to be fooled into accepting new social contracts or 'gifts' that come with strings attached. 

This day's energy is potent and can help us to move further into our own individual sovereignty as spiritual beings and increase the energy of light on earth.