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Psychic Readings



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The following readings available worldwide via Zoom

Telephone Readings also available for UK only

Let us know what works best for you



 Get answers about your love life, romantic relationships and insights into what you can do to improve them - always LGBTQ+ friendly :)



 Feeling a little lost? This reading is ideal if you're looking for answers about your life's path, the nature of the universe, your spiritual growth & psychic abilities



 This reading focuses on your finances, work & career prospects. Very useful if you're thinking of changing jobs, or need a little spiritual guidance in your career choices.



A specialised reading tailored to the business owner, self employed person or would-be entrepreneur 



 Take a full hour to get a detailed update on all areas of your life - work, family, love life, spiritual path and there may be messages from loved ones who have passed over to the other side too. This is your time - we can look at whatever you'd like!



 Not sure which reading to pick? This is a great place to start! A general reading will normally give us time to look at 2 areas of your life in detail, and get a general overview. You can also ask any questions you want.



The 15 minute reading is handy to look at one area of your life or get a quick update following a longer reading. This makes a useful 'check in' with your spirit guides as often as you like! 



 A 30 minute session dedicated to communication with the other side. This reading will allow you to receive messages of love & support from loved ones who have passed over & can provide reassurance and proof of life after death.




 A month by month complete report highlighting sweet spots, dates of interest and giving you the overall themes to be aware of for the next 12 months. 



  A month by month complete report highlighting sweet spots, dates of interest and giving you the overall themes to be aware of for the next 6 months.



 Does what it says on the tin! Ask one question and gain spiritual insight with this 3 card spread. 



A lovely confidence booster - your angel card of the day message will bring you inspiration, hope and guidance from your angels 




Cant wait and need a message now?

Head on over to the Angel Wings Oracle page and pull yourself an Angel Card for free!




Disclaimer: For legal reasons we are required to state that all readings are for entertainment only.