FREE Reiki I Distance Attunement

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Free Reiki I Distance Attunement & Basic Reiki Guidebook

In light of global events, and the panic and fear that appear to reign supreme worldwide, I have decided to offer distance Reiki I (level 1) attunements for free as a public service. 

Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. It's a natural but powerful technique that many find helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety and worry. It is also reputed to help the healing process from any sort of injury or illness.*

This listing is free of charge, and includes a Reiki I attunement and a free pdf guide to the basics of Reiki.

This is not our full Reiki I course, and does not include a certificate or our professional training manual, although you may choose to undertake our full length course at a later date if you choose.

Once you have received a distance Reiki I attunement from Reiki Master Teacher Helen, you will be able to channel Reiki energy through your hands. You can then use this amazing spiritual energy on yourself, for family, friends, pets, plants, streams, oceans or anything in the world that you would like to send this loving, balancing energy to.

Once you have placed your order, I will be in touch with you by email as swiftly as I can to arrange your distance attunement. Remember to provide me with your email address so I can do this! 

I will carry out your attunement, without your needing to be present, with the assistance of my spirit guides. Once this has been completed, I will notify you and send you your basic guide to Reiki for you to keep and use.

This guide includes some techniques you can use to send Reiki energy from a distance so that you can give Reiki to friends and family who do not live with you. 

Once you have received your attunement, you will be connected to the loving Reiki energy for life, and you will be able to use it whenever you wish.

If you have any questions, please do take a look at our Reiki page which has a more detailed description of this wonderful technique and its uses. You can of course contact me if you have any specific questions. 

I don't know how long I will be able to offer this as a free service, but I'm intending to keep it available for as long as I can, so as many people as possible can benefit from Reiki in this time of fear & crisis.



*Please note, I am not making any medical claims here. Reiki is a complementary therapy, and is not intended to replace traditional medicine or treatments. If you believe you are ill, you should seek advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.