Reiki Training Courses


Professional Reiki Training Courses at Angel Wings Holistics

DO you LOVE Reiki?

Would you like to learn to give Reiki to yourself, your friends and family?

Are you a professional looking to add another string to your bow?

We offer professional standard Reiki Training here at Angel Wings Holistics!

Reiki Training is split in to 3 parts - Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III also called 'Reiki Masters'



Spa & Salon Owners - You can book Helen to come to your salon or place of work to train your staff in this amazing therapy. 


Why Learn Reiki? 

Reiki is an easy to learn yet powerful form of Spiritual Healing that anyone can learn. It's a Holistic Therapy which means that it treats the person as a WHOLE, and works on the mind, body, emotions and spirit too. You can even use Reiki to clear adverse Karma!

To find out more about what Reiki is and how it can help, click here



Ongoing Support

Once you become an Angel Wings Holistics Reiki student, you will have access to our Reiki Student Facebook Group where you will find ongoing support and guidance.

We also hold a monthly Reiki share for you to come along to which is an opportunity to practise your skills, meet likeminded people, receive some Reiki yourself, ask questions, and get help and tips for your Reiki practise.


Reiki I Practitioner - Certificated Course

Reiki I is the beginning of the Reiki training journey and the levels must be completed in order.

This course is suitable for the general public wanting to work on family and friends, or for holistic or beauty professionals who would like to learn to become a Reiki Practitioner.

The course covers all the basics, and by the end of the two days you will have been taught how to complete a self-Reiki session and also how to conduct a professional grade Reiki treatment on somebody else.

You will received two Reiki attunements during the course which will enable you to channel the Reiki energies.

There are no entry requirements, but you must be 18 years of age (or 16-18 with written parental consent) to attend.

This is a certificated course, you must complete both days in order to receive your certificate.

New for 2019 - Reiki I is now available to learn online via Skype!





Reiki II Practitioner - Certificated Course

Reiki II is the next step and follows on from Reiki I.

Due to the spiritual clearing that occurs after Reiki I, we recommend leaving at least 6 months before completing Reiki II training. If you feel ready sooner than that however, please do get in touch.

Reiki II will include a refresher of the basics learned in Reiki I, plus the addition of 3 of the 5 Reiki sybols. You willl learn more advanced techniques such as distance healing.

Entry Requirements: Reiki I 

This is a certificated course, you must complete both days in order to receive your certificate.


Reiki III Master Teacher - Certificated Course

Reiki III Masters is the final leg of the Reiki training journey, although your healing journey will last a lifetime!

Due to the nature of the spiritual clearing that occurs following Reiki II, we recommend leaving 6 months to a year before advancing to this level. If you do feel ready sooner, please do get in touch.

You will have a refresher of levels I and II, plus you will be taugh the final 2 Reiki symbols, including the Master symbol that is used for attunements.

You will receive two Reiki III attunements over the two days.

This level also includes how to teach Reiki to others.

Entry Requirements: Reiki I and II

This is a certificated course, you must complete both days in order to receive your certificate.

Please note, Reiki III is usually taught on a one-on-one basis, so please contact Helen to book your preferred dates.