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Reiki Treatment for Horses - Equine Reiki at your location

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Equine Reiki - Reiki Session for Horses 

Reiki is a beautiful and powerful energy that brings healing, relaxation and rejuvenation to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is channelled through the hands of the practitioner and given to the horse or pony recipient. I can do that by either putting my hands directly on to the horse, near to the horse or if they aren't keen on being approached or touched, I can work from a short distance too.

This listing is for a Reiki Session tailored to horses - this is for a session to be given in person to the horse or pony in their own stable, field or paddock.


How does it work?

Each horse is unique and will require a slightly different amount of time spent on them. I would allow an hour for the session, although your horse may only want 30-45 minutes of actual Reiki. 

Horses & ponies are highly intuitive and are may be noticeably aware of the Reiki energy. They will normally let us know when they've had enough by walking off, although some find it so relaxing that they fall asleep! If the horse wants me to focus on a particular part of their body, they will normally move themselves around to facilitate that. Equines are very clever and often quite tuned in to spiritual energy!

I will travel to your location, and provide the Reiki directly to your horse. I do not need to touch or get close to the horse, if it is anxious or nervous around strangers. Please let me know if you horse has any particular requirements or if they tend to bite! We will work around their individual needs.

I am currently based in New Milton in the New Forest, Hampshire and I can normally cover a radius of 20 miles or so. If you are further away, please get in touch as additional travel costs may apply to cover my time and petrol. 

A Reiki session is ideal to comfort and assist an animal who is unwell or recovering from illness or injury.

This gentle technique is usually very well received by equines, and I've worked on a variety of horses ranging from Shetland ponies to large riding school masters. 


Reiki for Horses can help:

- Nervous & anxious horses & ponies

- Sick or injured horses & ponies

- Stiff or elderly horses & ponies

- Stressed, depressed or unhappy horses & ponies

- Feral or rescue animals 

- Can also be given as a pampering treat to help keep your horse or pony in tip top condition! He doesn't have to be ill or hurt to benefit from Reiki!


Once you have booked, I will be in touch to arrange your appointment. 


What can Reiki do?

The Reiki energies are guided by their own god-consciousness and they will do whatever the animal recipient needs most at that time.

Everybody's experience of Reiki is unique, but many people report that they feel generally more relaxed, sleep better or perhaps find that they recover faster from injury or illness.

In the words of one horse owner, her Shetland "looked like she was on top of the world" after her first session.

There are no guarantees of course, and this is not intended to replace traditional medical treatment, nor do we claim to offer any "cures" but we know from the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui that each person will get what their soul needs at exactly at that moment in time.


Reiki can provide:

 - Stress relief 

- The body's natural healing process due to illness or injury

- Emotional support for fearful animals

- A feeling of general wellbeing 

- Improved mood 

- Help with sleep 

-  A sense of calm and relaxation



If you have any questions, have specific requirements or would like a service tailored to your horse or animal's needs, please just get in touch and I'll be happy to help.


Legal Disclaimer:

Reiki is a complementary therapy and is intended to work alongside any other treatment you are receiving, not replace it. Reiki is not a cure or remedy, and no guarantees can be made.

If you think your pet is ill or injured, then you must still contact your vet or a suitable qualified medical practitioner for animals.