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Energy Clearing & Tie Cutting

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 Energy Clearing & Tie Cutting 

This powerful session lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted via video chat.

Many of us find ourselves in attachments from people, places, situations that hold us back.

Cleansing, clearing and shielding our energy is vital for our wellbeing, especially in this era where we are dealing with much karma that is coming up to be cleared from past lifetimes, from past generations and other dimensions too.

Many of us feel inexplicably drawn to unsuitable partners, or find ourselves stuck in unhealthy patterns at work, in our personal lives or in our thoughts.


An energy clearing session can help you to feel clearer, lighter and back in control of your life again.

Useful for:

- Energy blockages in the chakras and aura

- Feeling "stuck" in life

- Finding yourself helplessly drawn to inappropriate or unhealthy relationships

- Cutting ties after a relationship breakup/leaving a job 

- Removing adverse karma

- Removing entities and energy attachments that are draining you


Helen uses a variety of techniques she has learned from many spiritual teachers to remove energy blockages, cut off negative ties, remove hooks and clear adverse karma.

Each session is unique and will focus on your individual needs - this is not a one size fits all.

This can be done via Skype/Zoom or other video chat service anywhere in the world.

You can buy this session as a gift, but the session can only be carried out with the recipient's consent in line with the universal law of free will.


Note: This session is not a medical treatment or cure, nor is it intended to replace traditional medical treatment or healthcare. If you are ill, you must seek help from a suitably qualified healthcare professional.