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Weekly Forecast - 17th - 23rd January 2022

Weekly Forecast - 17th - 23rd January 2022

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 16th Jan 2022

Here is your weekly forecast for the coming week commencing 17th January 2022.

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Week Overview

This is a week where relationships will be highlighted, not just romantic relationships, but there may be an ex that pops back up in your life or maybe somebody that you are better off away from so be aware of that.

This week is going to help us to understand on a deeper level who our friends are, and to forgive ourselves for allowing ourselves to be involved in unhealthy relationships or friendships.

Arguments may also be resolved this week, it’s one of coming together with the people who are truly on your wavelength, who resonate and vibrate with you, and seeing who is deserving of your time and energy, or not!

There’s a suggestion of healing happening on a many levels this week, emotional healing is highlighted, but it may be a week of healing on the physical or mental levels too, there is a potential for breakthroughs in health and wellbeing.


Monday comes in with quite a pushy energy, it looks like there are some big decisions to be made, or you may be presented with new options that may seem very exciting or attractive. This could be in your work life, in finances, in romance, in any area really or many in a number of areas of your life because there’s a real rush of energy coming in this Monday that you can capitalise on, and there is potential for some real transformation.

Caution is advised here though - don’t bite off more than you can chew even if it seems like all your Christmasses had come at once, you don’t have to do it all now or do everything at once. Try to maintain some balance in your decisions and don’t take on more than you will be able to deal with on the longer term because that isn’t true transformation, that may actually be self- sabotage that ultimately sets you back to square one. Slow and steady wins the race, it’s not time to do all the things today, but you can certainly look at the options and maybe put some of them on the laterbase!


Intuitive day, allow your intuition to steer the boat and you will be able to keep going. There may be opposition to your plans today or people getting in the way at work, in your romantic life, or basically just trying to mess with you today so the reminder comes through to be aware that other people are fighting their own inner battles, and try not to take things to heart. Know that you are protected and loved by your angels, and call in Archangel Michael, your guardian angel, your spirit guides or whoever else you need to feel safe and calm today.

Just because other people around you are losing their heads, doesn’t mean that you have to.


Wednesday is going to be an interesting day this week – it comes in with some unexpected praise or support which could be linked to money or work, but there is also the reminder to use your resources wisely, to be careful what you wish for and not to let the genie out of the bottle unless you are good and ready to make those wishes right now! Things you set into motion today could move quickly, but don’t let your enthusiasm drive you to do something reckless – you are not invulnerable! Don’t get cocky.


This could be the first day of your new life – or not. After the over enthusiastic energy of Wednesday, Thursday is a day when we may be feeling less sure of ourselves, even though there’s nothing to really worry about. Abundance is always all around us, and there is no rush to get to any destination in life – it’s about the journey. But equally there is a reminder here that you have to start some time. It doesn’t have to be today, but don’t just while your life away waiting for retirement.

If there’s something you need to address or deal with, then make a plan to do it. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Very often there is no wrong decision, and when you’re faced with a choice, as you may be today, remember that every yes no question has 3 answers: Yes, No and I’m not going to choose. Indecision is also a choice.


Friday has a much nicer energy for us all this week, and there is potential for some really lovely times spent with true friends, family or just the chance to enjoy feelings of pride in what you’ve accomplished. The energy today has some extra buzz to it, there is excitement in the air, so it’s a lovely day for date, a playdate or to do something fun. Go do the thing!

This is also a very opportune day for meeting a special someone if you’re single, because many hearts will be lit up and open today and it may feel like a bit of a dreamy, or even perfect day for some of us.


When I first pulled these cards, I’d lost count and I thought these were the ones for Sunday, so I want to say that this Saturday may feel more like a Sunday. The energy is more sedate, there’s less to do or we may feel more relaxed or more inclined to spend time in spiritual practise, in prayer, doing some self healing or taking the time to do a little self care. The outdoors beckons, so if that’s an option for you (and you’re not waist high in snow or something) it’s a beautiful day energetically to get outside and commune with nature, and the energy of the natural world.

There is a real sense of harmony and understanding what is important and what really isn’t today. It’s a beautiful energy.


Sunday has a rather unexpected energy of renewal, it feels almost like spring is in the air and you may well be feeling rearing to go. Your mind may feel sharper than usual and it looks like some things will really be coming into focus for some people today. Even though you may feel ready to jump today, make sure that you take your brains with you and plan before you set out to climb that mountain. There is a real energy of movement which could indicate actual travel or the potential for travel, so it’s a nice day to plan a holiday, a move or a career break to go travelling for an extended period. More options will show themselves today that perhaps you hadn’t bargained for, so stay open to that call to adventure.

If you feel ready to go but are unable to make any real change in your life or feel halted or restrained, as many do right now, I want you to remember that change is always possible, and it’s not always the hare that wins – in fact, it may be the perfect moment to plan a step by step change in your life. Slow and steady can also win the race too.

Motivation card

This week’s motivational card is number 36 from the Messenger Oracle – 36/9 which gives us a master number 369!

“Seek your answers within”

The wisdom is always inside of you, just not in your head. It’s in your heart or in your soul so remember that no matter what happens, you can deal with it, you do have the inner resources available and your heart’s wisdom is all you need.

Grandmother bear is here with her deep protective energy this week – remember that you are loved, and that when you make your decisions from a place of compassion, from higher love, not from lust or desire, but from a place of truly wanting what is best for everyone’s highest good, the way will always be shown.