Notre Dame Blaze - a spiritual perspective

Notre Dame Blaze - a spiritual perspective

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 16th Apr 2019

I couldn't not talk about this today, because the fire that has been raging at Notre Dame de Paris feels hugely significant on a spiritual level.

A friend of mine brought my attention to it yesterday, and my first feeling was that there was an important spiritual meaning behind the event. I didn't feel sad or shocked, in fact I felt pretty good about it.

Now to clarify, I'm not a fan of fires, or people getting hurt and I was sorry to hear about the fire fighter who was seriously injured, but the building itself? Well I'm struggling to explain it, but this really doesn't feel like a bad thing. A hugely symbolic thing, yes, but not bad.

It's interesting to note that the fire broke out as we are approaching the full moon, but it's been pointed out by an astrologer friend that this bears the hallmark of Saturn and Pluto aligned on the South Node i.e. the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Death meet that which we want to move away from, what we have already learned and have no further need for.

This encapsulates quite neatly how I felt upon hearing the news. I felt it was a good sign that we are finally moving away from the dogmatic self-imposed rules that have held us captive and prevented our progress, spiritual or otherwise, for far too long now.

Sad as it may seem for many, mainstream religion just doesn't work for most of us in the modern world. It's become barely more than a relic in many areas, and certain where I live in the UK, is often considered backward or outdated.

That's not to say that there isn't value in some of the teachings, but religion itself, and certainly Catholicism seems to be stuck firmly in the dark ages in many ways.

I've never been a fan of mainstream religion, it never felt quite right to me, and religious dogma is something that I have always disliked, even from an early age. It has a bad habit of impeding spiritual growth and progress, when you have to adhere to somebody else's rules from hundreds of years ago.

I know that some spiritual commentators such as David Icke see a darker side of this latest event, and to be sure there is always more than one aspect to consider when it comes to something like this, but overall the energy I am feeling is a very hopeful one. This is why I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject today to help allay fears many may have about what this means and what is to come.

I am feeling that this is symbolic of the beginning of the end of mainstream, dogmatic religion and a real sign that we are moving towards our own individual spirituality. The reasons behind the fire may be darker ones, but they are powerless to stop the spiritual advancement of the human race right now, so everything that happens, whether good or bad, is taking us more or less in the right direction regardless.

I believe that in years to come we will look back on this as a symbolic event marking the beginning of the end of religion, and the beginning of our own spiritual enlightenment.

I'm not going to pretend that everything will be alright straight away, because it wont. There are powers who are desperately trying to hang onto every shred of control that they still have, and things are going to seem to get worse before they get better.

But if you look closely, you will see people are starting to wake up more and more. Just a glance over the comments section on mainstream media stories is quite an eye opener; I've seen more and more dissenting voices speaking up and seeing what is really going on rather than toeing the line or falling for the manipulative lies and propaganda.

Those who hide in the darkness and manipulate using dark powers are on the back foot and soon they will be on the run. The light is coming, and they know it. Soon there won't be anywhere to hide from the truth.

It's interesting that the themes in current events are ones I predicted at the beginning of the year (if you've not had a chance to read my 2019 predictions, you can download it here for the reduced price of £5.99)

Much as the demise of Notre Dame may seem tragic, its time had come so please try not to feel too down about it. We must thank it for its service to the world now and let it go.

Your freedom awaits you!