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Lions Gate Readings by Zodiac Sign

Lions Gate Readings by Zodiac Sign

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 6th Aug 2022

The Lion's Gate is a powerful astrological alignment that happens every year and peaks on 8th August. This year the energy is particularly potent, so here are some short readings for each of the 13 zodiac signs to give you a heads up on this year's energy!

As always, the video is timestamped to you can jump straight to the sign or signs you want to watch. I recommend watching your "big three" or your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign or Ascendant if you know them. If not, your Sun Sigh will still give you some insight into the main themes you need to address.

These are general readings for everybody, so take what resonates for you and leave what does not. 

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Deck used for these readings:

- The Quantum Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor