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Love & Relationships Reading - 30 minutes

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Love & Relationships Psychic Reading 

A detailed psychic reading by telephone, or online video chat. Readings last 30 minutes.

All readings are LGBTQ+ friendly 

This reading will focus on your love life, relationships, compatibility, future prospects and what you can do to obtain the best outcomes!

Very helpful if you are:

- Unhappy in a relationship,

- Recently broken up,

- Looking for love,

- Looking for some guidance, insight or support from your angels and spirit guides,

- Curious about your future relationship prospects


Order online and Helen will be in contact to book your slot.

Remember to provide your email address when checking out! 

Please note, telephone readings only available in the UK, for the rest of the world it'll be online via Zoom, Skype or social media

For legal reasons we are required to state that all psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.


Want to pay with Crypto?

All readings can now be paid for using Bitcoin - just check out in the usual way and select the Bitcoin option.

If you'd prefer to pay for your reading with a different cryptocurrency (we accept BCH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BTC, and ETH), please click on the button below to check out with Coin Payments. 


If you wish to pay using Litecash (CASH) or PirateChain (ARRR), please check out in the usual way and select "crypto payment." and you will be sent details of how to send your payment using those coins.