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Weekly Forecast - 10th - 16th January 2022

Weekly Forecast - 10th - 16th January 2022

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 10th Jan 2022

Your weekly psychic forecast is here and in a new video format!

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If you don't have time to watch and want to read instead, here are my abridged notes for the coming week!

Welcome to the Weekly Psychic Forecast for this week commencing Monday 10th Jan 2022

Week Overview

Desire for change of career, strong feelings about a new direction in life, not just about work.

Ego mind/analysing/scientific mind may play tricks and try to make us worry about money

Spend time alone in meditation and in particular look at the stars right now if you can. There is wisdom coming through from the Star Nations, from loving beings from off world who want to help.

Things that may seem impossible can become possible this year.


Back and forth energy – almost schizophrenic. One minute you can, then you can’t

This is 2022 energy in a nutshell! Don’t worry, go with the flow and find the balance in the centre when you can, and when you can’t accept that this is going to be a year where we will go back and forth rather a lot


Continuing the busy back and forth energy, but we are presented with a choice in Tuesday’s energy. It feels like you may have the option to step back and focus on your wellbeing. There is a reminder not to overeat and to take adequate care of your body, mind, emotions and you may feel drawn to take some extra steps toward wellbeing or maybe avoid those cupcakes in the office!


A more optimistic day, feeling of happiness and self worth higher than perhaps usual,, but there is less desire to work, so take time off or allow yourself some play time if you can.

Art and creative pursuits are highlighted today too.


A more reconciliatory energy today, if you fell out with anyone at work, school or in your daily life on Mon/Tue today would be the best day to make up with them! The energy is one of compromise and the possibility for peace. This also applies if you are looking to help solve a puzzle or have had a dilemma. A peaceful solution may come to you.


Stuck feelings – stuck at work, in career, in lifestyle, frustration. If you are struggling today,, start making plans, or review your plans for a better life, go look at your vision board or write a list of ideas of how you could make things better. If your life really isn’t how you want it, plan to change it. There’s no time like the present!


The future has its roots in the past – everything that has come before affects our present and future.

4th day in a row the first card is a number 3! New blueprint energy, new plans, new life, new way of living. How has the past shaped you – your childhood, your experiences? Are you remembering them correctly. Nostalgic memories aren’t always accurate, plus you can’t go backwards. For some this is a reminded not to live in the past and to come into the present moment because that’s where you are empowered.


Very intuitive day – good for meditation, psychic work, contemplation, magical ritual, prayer. Very feminine energy, you may be drawn to learn about the moon or that may have a particular influence today. Intuitive mystical, feminine energy today

Bonus Motivator Card

40. See yourself in nature

Remember to go outside, feel the sun on your skin, breathe the air – we are a part of nature, we are not a disease or a virus on this planet! It’s disrespectful to this beautiful incarnation and to god, to the divine to suggest that we should not be here, or that we do not belong.

We have forgotten a lot of our connection, but it’s still there dormant, waiting for us to remember.

Have a Great Week!