Is Ancestral Karma messing up your life?

Is Ancestral Karma messing up your life?

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 1st Feb 2019

A theme that has been coming up quite frequently in my spiritual work recently is Ancestral Karma.

But what is it, what does it do and more importantly how do you get rid of it?!

Put simply, Ancestral Karma is the sum of all lessons that your family members who have gone before you "failed" at in their lifetimes. It can be certain experiences they had that they didn't deal with very well, things they did that were "wrong" or "bad" or even guilt or fears they were never able to let go of. 

This karma can negatively affect other members of their family, even many generations later.

Note, I've put the seemingly negative words in quote marks, because nothing is ultimately good or bad, but may have been considered so in their lifetime. 

Because of this, you may find that there are problems or patterns in your life that keep repeating themselves that don't make any sense.


Now before you start blaming your spinster Great Aunty Margaret for your string of failed relationships, it's important to look at your own psychology and life experiences first. If you are struggling, counselling in the form of talk therapy, EFT, CBT or simply a Psychic Reading can be adequate to put you on the road to healing.

I'm all for personal responsibility and personal growth, but sometimes, there are events in your life or patterns that just don't make any sense. Or, ancestral karma may be preventing you from being able to let go of certain unhelpful patterns you have already identified.

During a Psychic Reading with me, I may pick up on Ancestral Karma that is causing your problems in this lifetime. 

You can book here if you'd like a session with me to look at this. I always recommend at least a 30 minute Psychic Reading first so that I have the opportunity to see what is going on in your energy, and then we can formulate a spiritual plan of action tailored to your needs. 

My spirit guide Anubis usually steps in to tell me when we are dealing with a case of Ancestral Karma, and chanelled through me, he will help to point you in the right direction to heal it.


At this point in our evolution as human beings, I'm seeing an increasing number of cases of Ancestral Karma coming up to be cleared. This is a great gift although it probably doesn't feel like it when you're suffering the effects of this adverse karma!

Our souls are evolving on a spiritual level, and it's important to clean up the messes of our forefathers on all levels - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. This is why it's so important to work on your own ancestral karma - not just for your own personal benefit, but to help with humanity's ascension to a higher plane of consciousness.

Many of the souls incarnated on earth at this time (that's you and me!) have taken it upon themselves to clean up the karmic debris left by our ancestors or family members in spirit. You probably aren't aware that your soul took that decision, which is normal! We are born with amnesia for a reason - so that we have to work things out, and learn new lessons.

This is actually a truly blessed time in human history, because we have a great opportunity to change the world for the better and to heal the hearts and minds of all on earth and those who have gone before us. That's huge! More than a silver lining for sure.


If you think you might be dealing with ancestral karma, please do get in touch and Anubis and I will do our best to help you. 

And remember that sometimes our greatest gifts come disguised as our worst nightmares.