Are You Becoming More Sensitive?

Are You Becoming More Sensitive?

Posted by Helen Crosbie on 16th Apr 2019

Are you finding yourself enjoying noisy places and social gatherings less? Have you noticed that certain foods don't agree with you too well anymore, or perhaps you find certain chemical smells and products are no longer tolerable to you.

You're not alone!

A subject that often comes up in readings at the moment is increased sensitivity. You might have already noticed it in yourself and wondered what's wrong with you?

Well the answer to that is probably nothing. Medical issues aside, it's actually a normal side effect of increasing your spirituality. We are holistic beings, and as such when one part of us becomes more sensitive i.e. our psychic or spiritual side, then everything else becomes more sensitive too.

Meditation, Yoga, Reiki or following any sort of spiritual practise can bring these changes about. Plus as we are evolving spiritually as a species right now, you might not even be doing any of those things but still seeing the effects!

This can manifest as a sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, skin or hair products, detergents, medicines and more besides.

Now right now you might be thinking that this is a bad thing, I mean who wants to develop a bunch of allergies as part of their spiritual progress? Seems a bit unfair on the face of it, but it's actually a positive thing.

We live in a highly toxic world surrounded by chemicals that are very harmful to us. We are presented with processed foods, genetically modified crops, and other unhealthy items as "food" and our cleaning products, medicines and personal hygiene products are often toxic, unsafe and may have a whole string of nasty side effects too.

On a physical level, as you grow spiritually, your body starts to reject these things and becomes far more vocal about the need to avoid them. This is all that's happening.

It's not a bad thing or something to try to repress; if anything we should be listening intently to the wisdom of our body and trying very hard to give it what it needs, and doing our best to avoid the things it doesn't want.

More than on a physical level, many people also find other changes in themselves such as wanting to avoid noisy, busy places, big crowds or even avoiding negative people, places and things. You may find yourself no longer enjoying alcohol, horror movies or upsetting things that in the past you would have taken in your stride.

Many people find that they can no longer morally justify needlessly killing animals for food or clothing, and find themselves drawn to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It's also normal to find yourself preferring to choose natural, healthy and organic options as well as going cruelty free.

So don't worry if you're seeing these changes in yourself* and wondering what is going on. Lots of people are experiencing this increasing sensitivity on all levels, and you are most likely finding your own intuition or psychic ability (if you work with it) increasing too. 

It's all good, and ultimately its a positive step towards a kinder and more enlightened world.


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*If you believe you are ill, you should still seek the advice of a suitably qualified medical practitioner.