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Shiva Lingam Stone - for kundalini awakening, chakra balancing & fertility

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Shiva Lingam Stone in cloth bag

A powerful and cleansing stone for enlightenment and spiritual growth!

Despite it's modest appearance, this is a very powerful stone.

The Shiva Lingam stone is sacred to Lord Shiva and comes from the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of the seven holy sites of India.

This stone can assist with Kundalini awakening, and helps stimulate the root chakra. It can be used in tantric practise. The shape of the stone represents both the male & female aspects, as it's both phallic but also egg-shaped at the same time.

Shiva Lingam stones are made of cryptocrystalline quartz which contains many impurities that give them their unusual appearance - legend has it that the rocks these are made from formed when a meteorite fell to earth several million years ago.

This is a very unique and powerful stone that can assist with your path to enlightenment, and help with vitality, self esteem, issues to do with sexuality, infertility and trauma.

This stone works with all the chakras and can be used with each or any of them depending on the healing you wish to achieve.

A must have item for spiritual growth, wellness, happiness & healing!


Suggested uses:

Carry on your person or bag for confidence, vitality and creativity.

Hold in your lap whilst meditating for additional spiritual insight, energetic balancing and to assist kundalini awakening.

Hold the stone as often as you feel drawn to (I find mine has it's own "voice" and will ask to be held!) 


Each stone is unique and different, so the images shown are for illustration purposes only.

7.5cm long approx