Rainbow Orgonite Power Wand

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Rainbow Orgonite Power Wand

This is a beautiful orgonite wand is made with crystal chips and copper wire set in resin.

Orgonite is a relatively new use for crystals and it's one that we recommend everyone tries. 

It makes a highly effective tool to combat electromagnetic smog and is useful for those of us who are sensitive to EMF radiation emitted from technology such as mobile masts, WiFi signals, microwave ovens and electronics.

It's also highly effective for clearing and activating the Third Eye Chakra / Pineal Gland and may help you to develop your own psychic abilities too. 

Use as a protective crystal next to your bed, or keep one in the office to clear the energy, put one next to each appliance that emits EMF including your WiFi router, and put them with your food to help keep it fresh and energised or to help plants grow.

Each piece is unique, so designs and colours may vary.

15cm high