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Obsidian - Gemstone Facial Roller - Massage Tool

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Black Obsidian - Gemstone Facial Roller - Double ended Massage Tool

Gentle facial massage roller to help reduce puffiness, fine lines and provide you with a relaxing spa experience in your own home! Useful for lymphatic drainage.

Comes complete with cotton storage pouch to keep is safe.

Black obsidian crystal is a protective stone that dispels negativity and can draw out stress and tension. It also facilitates change and is traditionally used to help heal the body, making it an excellent choice for your skin regime. 

As this is real crystal, it's advisable to cleanse the roller regularly, as you would any crystal, and you can leave it to charge up in full moonlight to enhance its healing ability.

Do not drop your roller in the sink! Crystal may crack porcelain, so please use this carefully.


Made from Obsidian & brass, cloth storage bag is 100% cotton

For external use only