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Meditation Groups


Open Meditation Group for Mindfulness & Peace

This is an Open Group which means that anyone over the age of 18 can attend. You are not required to come every week, but places are limited and do fill up quickly, so you must confirm your place in advance.

Due to current restrictions, and in order to allow people from all around the world to attend, this group is now being held online via Zoom. We recommend that you download the app to your computer or mobile device that you plan to use to attend.

Zoom invitations will be sent out by email before the start of the group, so it's important that you book your place!

Mindfulness Meditation group will be held each Monday at 7pm. Please make sure you arrive promptly as the Zoom room will be locked at 7:15pm!

If you'd like to come along, please reserve your spot in advance. Just use the contact page to reserve your spot!

Normally £10 per person, currently FREE until further notice

Meditation Group for Psychic Development

By popular demand, we also have a closed meditation group for psychic development. This is a group with limited numbers and you will be expected to attend regularly.

This one is not open for drop ins, and has regular members only to keep the energies harmonious.

This is a group for anyone who is serious about discovering and developing their psychic & mediumship abilities. We also cover many topics including but not limited to auras, chakras and the human energy body, spirit communication, spiritual growth, spiritual healing, psychometry, spirit guides, angels, crystals, tarot & oracle cards, pendulums and more.

The group is suitable for beginners, but all levels are welcome.

Please contact us to register your interest if you would like to join.

Normally £10 per person, currently just £5 

Meditation FAQs

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a spiritual practise that allows you to have some quiet time with your higher self. It enables you to connect with your inner wisdom and higher self or soul. It can also facilitate communication with your spirit guides and angels, and enhance your spiritual and psychic development.

You can use meditation to enhance your life, your spirituality and to feel calmer and more at ease in your daily life.

What does meditation help with?

- Relaxation and sleep

- Calms the mind

- Promotes feelings of peace & wellbeing

- Helps with spiritual development & unlocks psychic ability

- Brings the mind, body & spirit back into balance

- Helps us cope in difficult times

What happens during meditation group?

We advise that you find somewhere you will not be disturbed, take your phone off the hook. 

Your back needs to be straight while you meditate, and we recommend you sit on a chair with a relatively straight back. A sturdy sofa is ok, as is a computer chair. If you sit on your bed, make sure you are propped up comfortably. You may sit on the floor if you are used to doing so for meditation.

We do not recommend lying down as you may accidentally fall asleep and that's not the aim here!

Headphones are a good idea, especially noise cancelling ones, as they will help to block out any disturbances or background noise.

You should get yourself a glass or bottle of water to drink and keep it nearby.

Helen will lead you into a short relaxation to help you get ready to meditate, then guide you into your meditation.

After the meditation there will be a Q&A session & advice on grounding your energy.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

What time should I arrive?

Please be on time for the start of the Zoom meeting. We will allow a few minutes for everyone to arrive, but we can't admit latecomers if the meditation has already started!

How much is it?

Most of our meditation groups are normally just £10 per person to attend - payment is required in advance so make sure to contact Helen to book your spot! Some prices are currently lower to help support people through these difficult times.

Our Mindfulness Meditation group is currently free of charge in 2021. You will still need to book your place in advance though!


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