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Business Services

Holistic Business Services for the Modern Age

As we move into the new energy of the age of enlightenment, business will be conducted in new and ever more human-focussed ways.

We are in the process of creating a new way of working that I like to call the "Empathy Economy" which will empower business owners to truly focus on the common good of all, whilst still maintaining profits and paying wages!

We have a number of holistic & psychic services designed specifically to help you in your business - these are suitable for ALL businesses, whether you work in the holistic wellness sector or not.

As part of our mission to empower people to live their best lives possible, we have a range of affordable, holistic business solutions, which can be tailored to suit YOU and YOUR business needs.


Psychic Readings for Business Owners & Self Employed 

This is a great place to start if you'd like some spiritual guidance about starting a business, making changes or are just looking for a bit of an edge!

Our psychic readings for business owners are designed to be helpful, motivational and uplifting so this may be just the boost you need to keep you going, give you back your vision or enthusiasm, or point you in the right direction when you're feeling lost.

You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and we can also help if you are dealing with energetic cold spots or spirits/ghosts in your premises.



Professional Reiki Training for Salon, Spa & more 

All of our Reiki training courses are designed to be taught to a professional level. We will help to set you up with all the skills you need to either begin a Reiki Practice, or to add Reiki services to your Holistic Business, Salon or Spa. 

Reiki is very helpful in lots of professional and business settings including for counsellors, people who work with the disabled, in healing professions, but also in any office or work environment where there are people!

Reiki provides emotional support and comfort at difficult times and it a wonderful skill to have in the work place. 




Intuitive Coaching & Mentoring for the Holistic Entrepreneur

Are you wanting to start your own business as a reiki healer, tarot reader? Maybe you already have a business and need help to scale or grow?

We use a mixture of industry knowledge and intuitive & psychic skill to bring an edge to your business and help you to thrive and enjoy what you do!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you