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3 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Holistic Business & Marketing

Why you Need to Heal Yourself to Boost Your Business

Are Ethical Bribes Outdated?

Goodbye Social Media!

Boundaries in Business

Should You Do What You Love for a Living?

What if Consistency Isn't Key?

I'm Leaving Social Media

How Reiki can Boost Your Business

Top 5 Ways Reiki Can Help You at Work

Gardening, Foraging & Food

Organic Food & Spirituality

UK Gov to Ban Foraging?

Helen's Vegan Pancake Recipe

Law of Attraction & Abundance

Why you may be Struggling to Manifest Money & Abundance

The Wrong Reason to Manifest Money

The Importance of Manifesting in 2021

Maneki Neko - The Beckoning Cat

Music & Emotions - What are You Manifesting?

A Little Gratitude Every Day


What is Numerology?

Psychic Ability & Spiritual Development

Psychic Ability & Enlightenment

Are You Becoming More Sensitive?

Expanding Your Psychic Ability with Orgonite

A Vital Technique for All Empaths

The One Things all Empaths Need to Know

Psychic Readings

Your Free Angel Card of the Day

3 Things to Remember when Getting a Psychic Reading

Beginners Guide to Getting a Psychic Reading

The One Question you Should Never Ask in a Psychic Reading

Free Angel Card Readings!

Relationships & Love 

I need them to give me closure!

5 Reasons to Drop the Twin Flame Obsession


Are my Loved Ones in Spirit OK?

Spiritual Truths about Pain

The Art of Being

The Spiritual Abundance Trap & How to Avoid It

Spiritual Self Care in 2021

5 Spiritual Tips for a Better 2021

Behind the Curtain

Going with the Flow

Do you need Balance in your Life?

Happy New To Do List?

When Pain is Part of the Journey

Why I don't call myself a 'Lightworker' anymore

Are you Feeling Stuck?

Notre Dame Blaze - A Spiritual Perspective

Is Ancestral Karma Messing up your life?

Do what's right...for YOU


Why I stay off Social Media

Why you should have at least one Reiki Practitioner in your business!

Healing the Root Chakra in 2021

Toxic Technology?

Ear Candling - My Journey to Wellness

Beating the Fear Virus

It's OK not to be OK

How Do You Feel Today?

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

How to Have a Happy New Year

How to get FREE Reiki Treatments!

Which Holistic Therapy is Best for Anxiety?