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Need help from the Angels? Do this one thing!



3 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Holistic Business & Marketing

Are your Suffering from Psychic Burnout?

Why you Need to Heal Yourself to Boost Your Business

Are Ethical Bribes Outdated?

Goodbye Social Media!

Boundaries in Business

Should You Do What You Love for a Living?

What if Consistency Isn't Key?

I'm Leaving Social Media

How Reiki can Boost Your Business

Top 5 Ways Reiki Can Help You at Work

Gardening, Foraging & Food

Organic Food & Spirituality

UK Gov to Ban Foraging?

Helen's Vegan Pancake Recipe

Law of Attraction & Abundance

A spiritual look at cryptocurrency

It's not fair! Dealing with unfair bills and other blocks to manifesting abundance

Why you may be Struggling to Manifest Money & Abundance

The Wrong Reason to Manifest Money

The Importance of Manifesting in 2021

Maneki Neko - The Beckoning Cat

Music & Emotions - What are You Manifesting?

A Little Gratitude Every Day


What is Numerology?

Psychic Ability & Spiritual Development

Are you Clairaudient? Clairaudience, Ears & Hearing

Are you Suffering from Psychic Burnout?


Psychic Ability & Enlightenment

Are You Becoming More Sensitive?

Expanding Your Psychic Ability with Orgonite

A Vital Technique for All Empaths

The One Things all Empaths Need to Know

Psychic Readings

A Word About Timings is Psychic Readings

Your Free Angel Card of the Day

3 Things to Remember when Getting a Psychic Reading

Beginners Guide to Getting a Psychic Reading

The One Question you Should Never Ask in a Psychic Reading

Free Angel Card Readings!

Relationships & Love 

I need them to give me closure!

5 Reasons to Drop the Twin Flame Obsession


Are my Loved Ones in Spirit OK?

Spiritual Truths about Pain

The Art of Being

The Spiritual Abundance Trap & How to Avoid It

Spiritual Self Care in 2021

5 Spiritual Tips for a Better 2021

Behind the Curtain

Going with the Flow

Do you need Balance in your Life?

Happy New To Do List?

When Pain is Part of the Journey

Why I don't call myself a 'Lightworker' anymore

Are you Feeling Stuck?

Notre Dame Blaze - A Spiritual Perspective

Is Ancestral Karma Messing up your life?

Do what's right...for YOU

Holistic Wellness

What is Shadow Work?

Why I stay off Social Media

Why you should have at least one Reiki Practitioner in your business!

Healing the Root Chakra in 2021

Toxic Technology?

Ear Candling - My Journey to Wellness

Beating the Fear Virus

It's OK not to be OK

How Do You Feel Today?

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

How to Have a Happy New Year

How to get FREE Reiki Treatments!

Which Holistic Therapy is Best for Anxiety?