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Angelic Healing - Distance Session

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Angelic Healing - Distance Session

Bringing you peace, love & spiritual healing from the Angelic realms. 

This listing is for an Angelic Healing session carried out from a distance. This means that you can be anywhere in the world while Helen and her angels work on you!

Angelic Healing can be helpful for any situation in your life where you need a bit of a boost, some spiritual healing, relaxation, guidance, wisdom or would just like to enjoy the beautiful experience of having the archangels work on you!

These sessions are extremely powerful and transformative on many levels, so unlike Reiki, we recommend that you don't have more than 3 per week, so you can keep up with the positive changes they may bring!

Angelic Healing will also help you on your soul's path as it will help to clear karma, remove blockages from your energy body and allow you to integrate any energy upgrades & downloads you have received. 

This is highly recommended for empaths, light workers, psychics, mediums, and anyone working in the holistic or complementary fields.

Not only will it help remove any negative energies you may have picked up in your work, it will also give your natural abilities a tune up and polish too.



- Helps with almost anything, may assist with recovery from illness or injury

- Great for spiritual, empathic people & lightworkers

- No contraindications, suitable for all

- Carried out from a distance - available to customers worldwide!

- Very helpful for spiritual growth & energy blockages


What happens during a distance session

- Helen will contact you to book a suitable time for your session

- You just need to lie down in a comfortable, safe place while the session takes place

- Helen will ring or email you before and afterwards to confirm what you need to do, and will also provide feedback about the session and details of anything she has picked up or any message she needs to pass on from the angelic realms.


Disclaimer: Please note that Angelic Healing is a complementary therapy and is not intended to replace medical treatment. No guarantees are made, and this is not a cure for any ailment. If you believe you are unwell, you must seek advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.